PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE 200 Glorious Years!

Claudine – A Woman of substance, “ For the modern woman with traditional values’’.

We are indeed privileged to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the foundation of our congregation by our mother Foundress St. Claudine Thevenet in France in 1818.

200 years! Indeed a milestone to be honoured, cherished and celebrated. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father, who has blessed us with St. Claudine – a woman whose charism set the foundation for perseverance, good will and hard work..

It’s 200 years since the first call, and our hearts still beat with zeal and ardour as we live out the charism of our dear Claudine: to serve the young through Christian Education. This occasion provides us with an opportunity to celebrate these past 200 years of our contribution in the field of education and pray that we may continue to play our role in Global transformation of education. We deeply revere our first Mothers who were gifted with heads and hearts and whose inspirational leadership kept our congregation specially this school moving closely and steadily within the large looming shadow of St. Claudine. Today we look back with our hearts filled with gratitude for their fine example as large hearted WOMAN with a deep spiritual and maternal outlook, sound practical judgment , firm commitment, their leadership, expertise, humanness and much more.

It’s a time to look back with thankfulness and joy together with our Sisters, Teachers, Lay Collaborators, Parents and Pupils of both past and present and pour out our praise to God in the words of our traditional anthem: ‘PRAISED FOR EVER BE JESUS AND MARY’.

As we plant another milestone in the pages of our chequered history we earnestly pray and desire to renew and strive to do always better with the heavenly support of our Mother Foundress St. Claudine Thevenet.



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