Waverley is an English medium school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, with classes from Class I to Class XII. The school has an extensive curriculum that goes beyond the classroom to ensure that the girls are equipped with an education that fulfills the objectives of the institution and enables them to meet the challenges of the dynamic and competitive modern society. The school aims at a holistic education that helps in developing mind, body and soul. A brief insight into the school curriculum:

Primary Section: Classes I to IV

In the primary section besides general subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science, Reading and Writing, students also get the opportunity to experience Art and Craft, Dance, Singing, Information Technology and Moral Education.

Middle School: Classes V to VIII

The middle school offers English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) together with Art, Needlework, Information technology, Dance, Singing and Moral Education. Listening and Speaking Skills are incorporated into the English syllabus to hone the children’s communication skills.

Secondary School: Classes IX and X

The school strictly adheres to the CBSE norms regarding curriculum set down for Classes IX and X. The subjects offered here are English Communicative, Hindi Course B, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) together with Art, Dance, Singing and Information Technology. Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills as per CBSE guidelines is an integral part of the English Communicative Syllabus.

Senior Secondary School: Classes XI and XII

Waverley offer three streams for the students in classes XI and XII. The various subjects provided in these streams are:
English (Core) is compulsory for all streams.
Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics
Commerce – Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics
Humanities – History, Political Science, Economics

Electives: Besides the above subjects, students can opt for Fine Arts or Informatics Practices as an elective.

Physical Education:

Fitness of the body leads to fitness of the mind.

In order to ensure that the girls are physically fit and mentally alert, Physical Education has been incorporated into the curriculum as a compulsory subject in all classes. Zumba, Aerobics, Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Throw Ball etc, are taught to the girls by experienced and dedicated Physical Instructors. The school has special instructors for Yoga, Karate, Table Tennis and Skating as well. Girls are encouraged to participate in all sports for their all round development.

Dance and Music:

Dance, is a subject in all classes from 1 to 10. Students learn various Classical and Contemporary Dance Forms during the course of the year and get opportunities to showcase their skills in various Cultural programmes at the school and interschool level.

Music is also an integral part of the curriculum. The girls learn Hindi and English singing and also have the opportunity to learn a variety of Indian and Western instruments. Girls are free to choose an instrument that they would like to learn from the various Indian and Western Music Instructors that are employed by the school. At present the school offers lessons in the following instruments: sitar, harmonium, tabla, violin, guitar, piano, drums and synthesizer. Girls get frequent chances to display their talent at school functions and Inter School Cultural fests.

Co – curricular and extra-curricular activities

Besides a vast curriculum, the school also incorporates a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities into its schedule to ensure that the girls are able to discover their talents and perfect them as well as get the exposure necessary in this modern competitive world. Debates, declamation, elocution, extempore, story-telling, dramatics etc. are conducted both in the English and Hindi languages, on a regular basis.

Clubs Activities:

Besides the aforementioned activities, the students of classes V to XII are also divided into various clubs like:

The Literary Club in which students are involved Creative Writing, Role Playing, Just a Minute Sessions, Poetry Appreciation, Debates and Declamations etc.

The Science Club in which students are encouraged to develop a Scientific temper through practical experiences, field trips, audio-visual aids etc.

The Social Service Club in which the students are taught about social issues in our country and are encouraged to do Charity as well as Voluntary service. Students are taken to Old Age Homes and orphanages where they are able to share their good fortune with those less fortunate and learn the value of gratitude. The girls also conduct regular cleanliness drives.

The Ecology Club where students learn the importance of Conservation and how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Frequent tree plantations, recycling drives and conservation drives are held by the club.

Moral Education:

In keeping with the vision of St. Claudine, of ‘equipping the students with not only intellectual skills but also with a set of attitudes imbued with social, moral and spiritual values’, a very important part of the school curriculum is moral education. Class teachers are given the responsibility of taking Formation classes in which students are given opportunities to imbibe true values. Value based assemblies also go a long way in giving students a chance to bring value education to the forefront.

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